GWII Alchimista I  44/40  5.5
GWII Alchimista I 44/40 5.5'

GWII Alchimista I 44/40 5.5"

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.44/40 Caliber 5.5" Barrel Standard Casehardening 1860 Army Checkered Walnut Grips Competition, Wider, Set Back Trigger
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Pietta took a page out of history books and reintroduced the 1873, paired with the 1860 Army grip frame. Adding a competition trigger that is wider and set back, allowing for a larger finger in the trigger guard. When you first pick up the "Alchimista", your initial reaction is you’ll notice the how well it feels. The 1860 grip is longer and slimmer than the traditional 1873 Single Action Army grip. While not quite the 90-degree angle of the Bisley model Colts, it points better and more naturally than the revolvers with the standard 1873 grip. The "Alchimista" with the 1860 grip would be a great addition to your Cowboy Action Battery.