GWII DLX Alchimista III 45LC 4.75
GWII DLX Alchimista III 45LC 4.75'

GWII DLX Alchimista III 45LC 4.75"

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45LC Caliber 4.75" Barrel Old Silver and Blue, Two-Tone, Engraved Barrel Octagonal Barrel Standard Casehardening 1860 Army Checkered Walnut Grips Competition, Wider, Set Back Trigger Lower, Wider Hammer
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The Standard "Alchimista III" maintains the traditional casehardened frame and blued cylinder, EMF's signature brass back strap on the 1860 Army grip frame, set back wider trigger, and lowered hammer, while adding a distinctive Octagonal Blued Barrel. The Deluxe "Alchimista III" retains the physical configuration of the Standard version, but aesthetically takes it to a whole new level, in engraved Old Silver and Blue, forming a beautiful contrast making it stand out from the rest. A six-gun anyone would feel proud to carry!

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