LeMat Army
LeMat Army 'Old West' .44 6.75

LeMat Army "Old West" .44 6.75

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.44 Caliber/.20 Gauge Army Model Old West 6.75" Barrel
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The distinguishing characteristic of LeMat's revolver is that its 9-shot .44 cylinder revolves around a separate central barrel of larger caliber than the chambers in the cylinder proper. The central barrel is smooth-bore and can function as a short-barreled .20 gauge shotgun (hence the name "Grape Shot Revolver") with the shooter selecting whether to fire from the cylinder or the smooth-bore barrel by flipping a lever on the end of the hammer. Flipping the lever up caused the movable striker to fall upon the primer set directly under the hammer, discharging the lower shotgun barrel. (The eyelet "lanyard ring" on the walnut handle base fits a lanyard and was to prevent the weapon from being snatched away during the heat of battle).

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