Based in Gussago, Italy, Pietta has been a family-owned and operated company for more than 50 years. They are revered for producing the finest in western replica pistols, shotguns and single-action rifles, a variety of black powder firearms, and now modern-day firearms.


Compelled by a passion for firearms, founder Giuseppe Pietta started learning the art of gun-making when he was just 14 years old. By age 22, Pietta collaborated with another factory and Giuseppe set up a room in his home to machine and finish gun parts. Shortly thereafter there was a staggering demand for Pietta’s products and services. Giuseppe’s brother joined the team and the brothers decided to make their own shotgun. The first model, a 12-gauge over-and-under, sold in May 1966 for 30,000 lire. A total of 156 shotguns were made during Pietta’s first year of production, and more than 1,000 were made the following year.

From there, Pietta began manufacturing historic American firearms, models that looked, functioned and shot just as they had a century earlier. The first order was placed for 10,000 replicas of Colt’s 1851 Navy black-powder revolver. American merchants took an interest in Pietta reproduction models and the line was expanded to include the Colt Army Model, a vintage Remington, the 1836 Patterson, and the legendary LeMat. Pietta’s growth in the marketplace continued and soon replica vintage arms became its primary business. In 2002, the Single Action Shooting Society awarded Best Gun of the Year to Pietta’s re-creation of the venerable 1873 Colt Single-Action Army revolver, also known as Peacemaker or simply Colt 45. Pietta Firearms continues to mirror the original designs while manufacturing these firearms with quality materials and Italian craftsmanship.

“For many years we have supplied some of America’s premier sporting goods stores with our reproductions and black powder firearms”, said Alessandro Pietta, Vice President of Pietta Firearms. “We are now very excited to offer all of our product lines to dealers throughout the country. My father started and established Pietta Firearms as one of the premier firearm manufacturers in Italy, it is now up to our generation to expand on that foundation.”