Zephyrus Shotgun 12GA 28
Zephyrus Shotgun 12GA 28" Nickel Engraved Wood

Zephyrus Shotgun 12GA 28" Nickel Engraved Wood

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12 Gauge 28" Barrel Inertia Nickel Engraved Receiver 2 Extra Choke Tubes 2 Extra Shims Included
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This line of shotguns exemplifies Italian quality and handling. Providing quick, fluid, and easy movability, these shotguns are lightweight and point impressively; moving quickly to the shoulder and offering a smooth swing. Whether you prefer gas operated or inertial (recoil) shotguns, the Challenge Shotgun line has something for every hunter! EMF Company, Inc. is proud to introduce the Zephyrus (12GA Inertia), Ghibli (20GA Inertia), and Mistral (Gas Operated) shotguns

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